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Donald Trump’s Man in Philadelphia

By Michael Kruse, July 27, 2016, Politico Magazine,

PHILADELPHIA — Dressed in gray slacks, a blue blazer and a shirt with cuff links and a tie, Calvin Tucker on Tuesday morning steered his gold Toyota Camry around his leafy, socioeconomically mixed, and politically lopsided neighborhood in the northwest portion of this city.

He’s an oddity here. Tucker is a Republican. The 64-year-old loan officer and financial services contractor is president of the local Germantown Republican Club, chairman of the Philadelphia Black Republican Council and the Republican leader of the 22nd Ward… READ MORE

Meet the black Republican trying like hell to get Donald Trump votes in Philly

By Anna Orso, October 13, 2016, 9:30 am, Billy Penn,

“This election is extremely important for Black and Brown people. We have to vote in mass numbers like our lives depended on it because it does.” Asa Khalif, Black Lives Matter.

Things Get Heated at Voter Roundtable: Black Lives Matter, Clinton and Trump’s personal life, women issues among hot button topics.

On October 5, The Philadelphia Black Public Relations Society hosted a Voter Roundtable with panelists Asa Khalif from Black Lives Matter (an independent), Calvin Tucker from the Philadelphia Black Republican Council; and Karen Bojar, author of Green Shoots of Democracy in the Philadelphia Democratic Party. READ MORE

Louis Capozzi | Interview with West Philadelphia RNC Delegate Calvin Tucker, 2016

By Louis Capozzi, Published 07/21/16, 6:12pm, The Daily Pennsylvanian,

Calvin Tucker is an RNC Delegate representing Pennsylvania’s 2nd Congressional District, which includes the University of Pennsylvania.

He has been a part of a Pennsylvania RNC delegation that has strongly supported Donald Trump. 70 out of 71 delegates voted for Trump, even though 54 of the state’s delegates were unbound and could choose whatever candidate they wanted.

I sat down with Tucker for an exclusive interview where we discussed the RNC, the division of the GOP, and Trump.

Since Tucker is a black delegate and the PA 2nd Congressional District is over 60 percent black, we also discussed Trump’s minuscule support with black voters.

Also, Tucker gave his take on why black voters should support Donald Trump. READ MORE


Pennsylvania’s GOP delegates could be kingmakers at convention

By Sam Newhouse, April 21, 2016, 9:30 am, Metro Philly News Paper,

“I have two guiding principles: last man standing and electability.”

That’s how Calvin Tucker, a Philadelphia candidate for Republican delegate, said he will weigh the Republican presidential candidates when he goes to cast a ballot at this summer’s convention.

Tucker is one of Pennsylvania’s 54 “unbound” delegates who are not restricted to voting for the candidate that a majority of voters in their district vote for in the April 26 primary.

The state’s other 17 delegates are bound to vote for the primary’s winner.

For months Republicans have debated whether Donald Trump, despite crushing GOP competitors in caucuses and primaries… READ MORE

Trump backers ecstatic, if surprised, by their candidate’s win

By Aubrey Whelan, Staff Writer, Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News,

All summer, as polls fluctuated, gaffes abounded, and pundits insisted Donald Trump would never win the presidency, the candidate’s loyal voters in the Philadelphia area hung on. On Wednesday morning, with Trump now the president-elect …

“I had the expectation that he was going to win all along. That’s why I supported him,” Tucker, 64, said.

Tucker is a second-generation Republican and the only black delegate from Pennsylvania at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer… READ MORE


Trump presents difficult choice for local Black Republicans

By Ryanne Persinger Tribune Staff Writer, March 18, 2016, The Philadelphia Tribune News Paper,

Donald Trump. For many in the Republican Party, they either love him for his refreshing political incorrectness or hate him for the image he projects of the GOP that wants to be more demographically embracing.

For Black party members, especially longtime stalwarts in the Philadelphia area, it is an even more awkward situation: disagreeing with the candidate’s race-baiting comments that spawn hooliganism while agreeing he is hitting a chord among discontented voters.

The 2016 campaign, moreover, is casting doubts among the flock locally about the direction of the Grand Old Party and the direction of their vote come November’s general election… READ MORE

Lone African-American RNC delegate from Philly delivers verdict on Trump acceptance speech

By Brian Hickey, Staff Writer, July 22, 2016, PhillyVoice,

Calvin Tucker, Pennsylvania’s lone African-American voting delegate at the Republican National Convention, boarded a bus Friday morning for his seven-hour trip back to a hometown that will soon host the opposing party’s gathering.

The political world outside of that bus – which was just pulling out of the Ohio city en route to Exton and then Philadelphia – split into two markedly distinct camps.

Some thought Republican nominee Donald Trump painted an accurate picture of the challenges facing the country, while others were taken aback by descriptions of a dark, dystopian country they don’t recognize… READ MORE


Meet The Delegate Candidates Who Could Decide the GOP Nominee

By Leigh Ann Caldwell, NBC politics reporter, Apr 22 2016, NBC News,

CHESTER CO., PA — Pennsylvania is taking its turn in the 2016 presidential spotlight this week and the campaigns are in an all-out push for votes in next Tuesday’s crucial primary – votes that could determine who will be the next Republican presidential nominee.

And the most important of those ballots will be cast for 54 of the state’s delegates to this summer’s Republican convention, not one for one of the three well-known candidates – Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Gov. John Kasich – remaining in the GOP contest.

Instead, voters must choose people… READ MORE


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